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I’m an NYC-based graphic designer with more than six years of experience creating high-profile marketing campaigns. I currently work for NBCUniversal’s creative agency where I’ve developed the creative for internal and external facing projects like the PyeongChang Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup and the Super Bowl. I've also worked on various corporate initiatives, such as Bring Your Parents to Work Day and Comcast NBCUnites, a company-wide social impact program. I’m skilled in illustration, motion graphics, photo retouching, print and package design and front-end development, but I’m most passionate about creating dynamic, multifaceted branding solutions that tell a story.

At my core I’m a design nerd, but I’m also a jock who loves watching and playing sports.

If you want to create something together (or talk all things Mets or Jets), I'm game.

(516) 660-7036 | | 1376 FIRST AVE, Apt 9, NEW YORK, NY 10021