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Bring Your Parents to Work Day was NBCUniversal’s new company initiative aimed to engage millennials in the company by turning the tables on the classic corporate event that encourages employees to bring their kids to work. The goal was to develop creative artwork and branding that would appeal to both employees and their parents.

I came up with a fun set of characters that were then used throughout the marketing materials and event space. The event itself took over several digital spaces around 30 Rockefeller Plaza, including its iconic Peacock Lounge and rotunda. Both spaces are filled with state-of-art screens that featured my animated characters to create an interactive experience for guests.

Along with the main event materials, I also created an animated bug for Megyn Kelly TODAY to go along with a segment of her show, a Snapchat geofilter and branded swag.

BRANDING | DIGITAL CAMPAIGN | Environmental DESIGN | promotional material | Motion graphics
Such a great, clever campaign that will go a very long way toward retaining a hard-to-reach segment, millennials,
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