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Morrigans kiss

Morrigans Kiss is a concept for an Irish whiskey that I created, branded and packaged. Inspired by the Celtic goddess of war, this product embodies her central characteristics of being both feminine and fierce.

For the design, I selected a mixture of classic Celtic motifs and then added my own modern spin. I continued with this feel for the logo, which is composed of two parts. The facets in the letters, which are based off the ones on armor and weapons from the time period evoke the sense of strength that comes with war. The second part represents the feminine aspect of Morrigan, along with her symbolic kiss. The shape of the “K” is formed from the profile of lips giving a kiss.

Since this is a premium product, the packaging certainly reflects that. It is very unique in its shape, as well as materials used. The cut in the classic moss-covered stone reveals a metallic bronze paper. This is a modern play on the classic sword in the stone. The bottle is also customized. It is a standard whiskey bottle, but has a gradient of black to clear, with the Celtic knot pattern knocked out. It also has the logo and nutritional facts silkscreened onto it.

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