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PyeongChang Olympics

I played a key role in developing NBC’s look and feel for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. The main idea was to create a single design system by fusing Korean culture with the energetic spirit of the Games.

To do this, I used loud, vibrant colors frequently seen in K-Pop and mixed them with high-energy action shots, dynamic athlete portraits, and scenic views of PyeongChang. For the type, I chose Nexa, a chunky san serif font, and tracked it very tightly. Since PyeongChang is not a familiar city to the average consumer, my team decided to brand this Olympics more as the XXIII Olympic Winter Games, rather than using the host city’s name. This made it critical to create a bold mark since we were no longer using the logo predominantly.

I continued this high energy feel with the social media and OOH campaigns by using the same imagery style and pairing it with engaging taglines.