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Superbowl LII

I worked on developing Telemundo’s look and feel for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The objective was to create materials promoting the spanish broadcast of the event. For the overall design I wanted to reference the rich history of Soccer, so I tried to create a vintage feel. Throughout I treated the photos with line screens to create a nice texture to the piece. I also added other distressed patterns and edges to create even more of a vintage feel. The players were main focus for these posters as a result I made them the biggest parts of the page. I also silhouetted each player in an effort to create the same feel as some vintage soccer posters. Since this is the World Cup is played between the different national teams, the colors of each nation are of utmost importance. As a result for each poster I limited the color palet to strictly that of the players country. To further emphasize the country each player was playing for I added a photo of a landmark or another cultural icon from their given country.